Welcome & RIS On Set Virtual Production
Date & Time
Sunday, November 7, 2021, 10:00 AM - 11:10 AM
Hans Hoffmann Barbara Lange Jaclyn Pytlarz Ian Trow Chaitanya Chinchlikar Greg Ciaccio Kari Grubin David Long Bruce Devlin Katie Cole Erik Weaver

 What Does Virtual Production Mean? 

Take a live tour of a virtual production workflow with leaders of the SMPTE RIS OnSet Virtual Production group.  For the first time using the Movielabs visual language toolset, the group will walk through the workflow as represented in the recently published wallchart (October 2021 SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal).  You will learn the lingo and get an understanding of the workflow at a high level, as well as understanding the natural diversions.  Join experts Chris Vienneau (Movielabs), Erik Weaver (ETC), Katie Cole (Perforce), Chaitanya Chinchlikar (Whistling Woods International), Greg Ciaccio (Independent), and David Long (RIT) as they join Kari Grubin in this informational session, followed by a live Q/A period.

What’s SMPTE Thinking about for Video Production Help?

In support of virtual production, in this live session Standards Vice President Bruce Devlin will discuss the various issues around video production and delivery to the web.  Bruce will also share his thoughts on SMPTE’ role as a registry authority, today as well as into the future.  

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