Full Name
Tom De Wispelaere
Job Title
Manager Technology Teams
Speaker Bio
A digital native, Tom started out as founder of an internet company during his studies that grew and became succesfull over the next 10 years. During this period, he honed his technical, strategic and people skills and was always looking out for new business opportunities and technology trends. After M&A of the company, Tom wanted to combine his first love for moviemaking, TV and CGI with his extensive background in IT and operations, and started working for VRT, the public broadcast company in Belgium. He has held several positions at VRT as productowner of software development teams, teamlead of operations teams, and now as manager of all the technology teams within VRT. Next to the daily challenges a broadcast company faces in a world of desinformation, heavy competition and a war on talent, Tom gets his kicks out of exploring and introducing new technologies, together with his tech teams, that transform the ways in how we make, distribute and experience content and tell stories.
Tom De Wispelaere