Full Name
Pierre Couture
Job Title
Speaker Bio
Innovative Thinker.

Pierre have been involved with technology & innovations for more than 30 years at every level of chain: Hardware, software, service and sales.

Pierre is a seasoned Problem Solver. Pierre have worked with some of the M&E industry's top talent and Tier 1 technology companies like Autodesk, HP, AVID, Lenovo. He speak both the business language and the technology lingo. When all else fails and no one is able to find a technical solution, Pierre is the person they call. His focus is on driving sustainable growth and identifying market trends. Customers see him as part of their team. He also built, trained and motivated a number of successful teams across North America.

Pierre created daregraphic in 2020, a Technology Consultant firm who provides custom Remote Graphic solutions for power users. At daregraphic, we connect early adopters with innovators.

Experienced Keynote speaker, presenter, and panelist.
Pierre Couture