Full Name
Christophe Burdinat
Job Title
Director Technology and Standards
Speaker Bio
Christophe Burdinat is Director Technologies and Standard at ATEME.
With more than 15 years experience in the Mobile Broadcast Industry,
first in charge of product development and projet management for DVB-H/ATSC-MH/ISDBT-MM and 3GPP LTE-Broadcast, and then as a regular delegates at 3GPP and DVB, contributing to the multicast/broadcast usage for mission critical or media delivery use cases. He joined the Research and Innovation team of ATEME this year. He participates to the 3GPP SA4 working group and DVB projet and follows the Open Caching initiative of the Streaming Video Alliance. His expertise covers multicast ABR, DVB-I, 5G broadcast, and OTT service distribution.
Christophe Burdinat