Technical Session - 4
Date & Time
Thursday, November 11, 2021, 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Sunday Nyamweno Carl Buchmann Patrick Morin Christophe Burdinat


 Infrastructure as Code at CBC/Radio-Canada's Media-over-IP Data Center

Speakers: Sunday Nyamweno - Carl Buchmann - Patric Morin

Network infrastructure provisioning is a critical subset of the Automated Deployment of CBC/Radio-Canada's Media-Over-IP Data Center. As the On-Air date approached, it became clear that in order to respond to the fast changing production needs, traditional network provisioning methods were inadequate. As we began to explore various automation solutions, we realized that a new NetDevOps culture needed to be cultivated within our organization. This paper will present the architecture and implementation of CBC's network automated deployment workflow in collaboration with Arista. We believe these tools and methods will be applicable as a way forward to many media-over-IP projects at all scales.


5G Media Streaming And 5G Broadcast for Delivery of DASH/HLS Services  

Speaker: Christophe Burdinat

  • Beyond the spectral efficiency and throughput improvement for Enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB), 5G brings many new features targeting vertical applications. To leverage new 5G features and capabilities for media distribution, 5G offers the 5G Media Streaming Architecture (5GMSA). It supports a full set of collaboration scenarios between third party content providers and mobile network operators with various degrees of integration adapted to the OTT ecosystem. While the first version of 5GMSA focuses on media delivery over unicast, Multicast/Broadcast in 5G is one of the key new features currently specified by 3GPP and expected for Release 17. Integration of 5G Multicast/Broadcast capabilities within 5GMSA is essential to scale up the network capacity for linear contents. With the publication of DVB-I in 2020, DVB allows for the delivery of linear television services to internet connected devices over broadband and broadcast networks. As an access independent service layer, DVB-I becomes a strong candidate for providing a converging service layer for 5G. This paper will explore the growing capabilities offered by the 5G Media Streaming Architecture; how it the multicast/broadcast capabilities will be integrated; and how it will enable the delivery of DVB-I services.
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