Featured Session 3 - Virtual Production
Date & Time
Wednesday, November 17, 2021, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Jim Skinner Pete Lude Gary Feather Michael Smith

Nightmare on HDR Street

Speaker: Jim Skinner

  • This Halloween themed talk looks at the many problems facing HDR as a consumer video format. The patent problems, the lack of consumer awareness, the playback issues and the transcode issues (from one EOTF to another) are all covered. Host Jim Skinner asks “Will LUTs save us?” and talks about how his thinking regarding technical LUTs has evolved ever since the iPhone 12 launch (the first consumer phone to exclusively record video in HDR). The iPhone 12’s HDR variant is covered in detail, as is Dolby Vision’s place in the ecosystem. Also at 13 minutes into the talk Jim hits a car on the freeway and we left that in the edit for your amusement.

Deep Dive into Virtual Production Technical Challenges and the Research Needed to Solve Them

Speakers: Peter Lude , Gary Feather, Mike Smith and Adam Callaway

  • Knowing what technical challenges to expect is one thing but understanding how to, or even if there are solutions is another. During this session you will take a deep-dive into virtual production related technical challenges. You will hear about the sources of those challenges, why they are issues, and what research is still required to make it all work.
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