Full Name
suman kalyan
Job Title
Senior Data Scientist
Accion Labs Inc
Speaker Bio
I’m a hands on IT Leader with 20 + years of data science & Analytics consulting experience. I have worked across multiple industry verticals that include Telecom, Industrial Automation, Healthcare, Hitech, Higher education.

I have experience in running a AI CoE for providing strategic AI advisory services to multiple Industry verticals. I had opportunity to work on niche areas like AI driven precision medicine in the area of evidence based Oncology for a Healthcare device manufacturer, AI enabled IT Service management implementation for a global Hitech major, AI platform maturity assessments, developing AI strategy & roadmaps, building SCADA & Analytics products in Industrial automation domain..

I’m hands on with many tools & frameworks used in Analytics/ Machine Learning that include but not limited to Python/ C++/ Java, Tensorflow/ Keras, Scikit Learn, PyTorch, Kubernetes, Tableau, Apache Spark, Databricks, Apache Kafka, Kubeflow. I have experience in Deep Learning modelling approaches based on various architectures including convolutional neural networks ( V-Net, Inception), LSTMs, RNNs, multi modal networks, I have applied these approaches to Computer vision, NLP based problem statements like auto segmentation & target volume detection for DICOM CT images, conversion of verbose business rules into executable logic and more. I have worked in all the major cloud environments including AWS, Azure and GCP.

My areas of areas of interest in AI are Federated Learning, edge computing in Industrial/HEMS IoT, distributed & decentralized ML architectures, predictive/ preventive maintenance problems. I have played multiple roles in my AI consulting career including - Data Scientist, Product manager, AI strategy consultant
suman kalyan