Full Name
Hojatollah Yeaganeh
Job Title
Research Team Lead
Speaker Bio
Dr. Hojatollah Yeganeh joined SSIMWAVE in 2014 and has contributed numerous features to the SSIMPLUS metric. He was part of the design and the implementation of various algorithms including banding detection, HDR video quality assessment, learning based source quality assessment, SSIMPLUS optimizer, temporal alignment, reduced reference temporal alignment, and animation detection. He is part of the SSIMWAVE research team that was awarded a 2020 Technology and Engineering Emmy for leadership in video encoding optimization. He holds Ph.D. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the University of Waterloo where his works include the quality assessment of tone mapping operators, the quality assessment of tone mapped videos, designing an objective measure for interplated images, image fusion and etc.
Hojatollah Yeaganeh