Technical Session - 5
Date & Time
Thursday, November 11, 2021, 7:15 PM - 8:15 PM
Kodai Kikuchi Robert Loughlin Derek Schweickart

8K Camera System with Multi-plane Phase-detection Autofocus

Speaker: Kodai Kikuchi

  • We propose a phase detection autofocus (PDAF) method for three-chip 8K UHDTV2 240-fps cameras that detects the in-focus position of a lens by using disparity information between pixels with different apertures across multiple sensors. This multi-plane PDAF method executes pupil division in the same incident position while using simple metal-shielded pixel technology, which can achieve accurate AF and enable low-cost implementation. The proposed method implemented in an 8K three-chip camera incorporating 8K sensors with half-shielded phase-detection pixels into the blue and red channels demonstrated robust disparity calculation compared with the conventional single-chip metal-shielded-based PDAF method.

The Problem with Timecode

Speaker: Robert Loughlin and Derek Schweickart

  • Why do we have timecode at all? We take it for granted, but what's the big deal with timecode anyway? Before timecode, film editors used Edgecode (Kodak - 1919) to identify individual pictures on a film reel. With the increased use of videotape in the 1950s, this editing became more of a challenge because there was no way to visually see what frame you were on when trying to make an edit, so tools were developed to assist with this.


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